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Mother’s Day

12 May

I read a blog post this week that was posted several times on Facebook, titled “Why I hate mother’s day”. To begin, I just want to make one thing clear. I in no way feel “superior” to women who do not have children. I don’t know ANYONE who does. Yet, the blog says that “Ninety-eight percent of American parents secretly feel that if you have not had and raised a child, your capacity for love is somehow diminished…that non-parents cannot possibly know what it is to love unconditionally, to be selfless, to put yourself at risk for the gravest loss.” How is it that I ONLY know the 2% who don’t feel this way? Where do these 98% live? I have never met anyone who felt this way.
I acknowledge that it can be a day of pain for some people who may have lost their own mother, or their child. I acknowledge that for many it is a struggle to become a mother, a painful journey. I know women who went through hell to become a mother…and women who still are. Mother’s day is not a way to say that pain is not real. I in no way feel that my journey is better than/harder than any other journey. But, I should not be made to feel ashamed for being thankful for my mother and/or my children.
Mother’s day is not celebrated to put down people who are not parents and/or do not have parents. It is a day for children to show their love to their own mother; to acknowledge the importance of your own mother or mother figure in your own life. Even those without a biological mother has SOMEONE who has given them “motherly love” and advice.
I know how blessed I am. Today, I give thanks to my mother and all the woman who have given me advice or support through my life. From my own kids and husband, I would rather just spend the day as a family and get handmade cards and flowers picked from my own yard (including weeds). A hug and a kiss and an “I Love You”…
Today I spent over an hour feeling ashamed as my husband made me breakfast and people I love sent me messages wishing me a happy day. I am sure that the author did NOT mean to cause these feelings. I am sure that those who shared the post did NOT mean to hurt anyone. I wish that those same people knew that, by celebrating Mother’s day, no one is trying to make their struggle or pain any less important either.