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27 Aug

One week from today, Kaeden will be 4! DISBELIEF!!! I remember the weekend he was born like it just happened! I also am a little surprised he made it 🙂 Remember when your parents used to tell you “if you don’t stop….youwont make it to your next birthday” for whatever reason, or whatever mischief you were getting into…Well, Kaeden is a mischief MASTER! Always into something or on someone’s last nerve! What a change from the sweet 6 pound 14 ounce bundle of joy that graced our lives on September 3, 2006 at 9:42 pm! With his dark hair stuck up in a mohawk & his BIG head and tiny little body, he stole the hearts of everyone he met! Here’s a glimpse into the night he stole our hearts! (sorry grandparents – I wasn’t in any condition to take pictures and we have NONE of the grandparents’ first meeting with their first grandchild)

It happened in slow motion but was a whirlwind at the same time….Love you to pieces, forever and ever, Kaeden Joseph Cowley!