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Some Day

11 Jun

On this day, I knew we were in trouble.

 This is Karsten, he was supposed to be born the same day Bristol was supposed to be born. He wanted his own birthday, though, and is 6 days older than she is. This is the day they met. May 16, 2009. He was 11 days old and Bristol was 5 days old…It was Love At First Sight! They really are cute, aren’t they?!

We may have thought of this before, but that day it hit home…Some day, Bristol will grow up. Some day, she will have a boyfriend. Some day, she will be a TEENAGER. Some day, she will get married-have kids…Some day.

Well, Some Day has come too soon!  Sunday (June 6), at Church, Bristol and little Amos (who is 3 months older than Bristol) were sitting on my lap and she layed one on him. It was cute, but a little scary…This is TOO SOON! I kept thinking to myself. Little did I know, our little sweetheart hadn’t had enough! Today (June 11, less than a week later), our friends stopped by with their son Ben, who is 4 days older than Bristol. She practically chased him down for a kiss! Now, she totally had the advantage, since Ben doesn’t walk. The poor kid didn’t know what hit him! Oh Lord Help Us! What have we gotten ourselves into?