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Today, Bristol is 370 days old

16 May

Today is Sunday, May 16, 2010 and my baby girl is 370 days old. 5 days ago she had her 1st birthday…WOW!

Friday at her 12 month well-child check she weighed 21 pounds 10 ounces and 29 inches tall! The doctor didn’t have to tell us that she is amazing. She is running around keeping up with her brother, and making us laugh and smile every time we see her!

Saturday, we celebrated her. We covered our house with pictures of Bristol. We played, enjoyed the company of people we love and… ATE CAKE!

I am torn between complete sadness that the last year has gone by so fast, and this feeling of absolute joy and pride that you get when you see your child growing up. Complete love and adoration that you feel for your children. A love that can not be explained with just those 4 letters.

Memories of where we have been, excitement for what is to come.