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17 Nov

It is amazing how someone you have never met can touch your heart so much. I have been following the story of 4 year old Baily Bennett for several months. His fight touched my heart, his strength. He was an inspiration. He lost his fight to Lymphoma today. Having my own toddler, I can’t help but think of his parents and the complete helplessness they must have felt, are feeling. Since hearing their story, I kiss my kids goodnight an extra time (or two) at night, knowing how precious they are. Kiss your kids goodnight. Remember how blessed you are to have them. ❤ Please pray for the Bennett family in their time of loss.

You can read their story here:


6 Months!

16 Nov

Today Bristol had her 6 month check up. It is hard to believe it has been 6 months! She is healthy and happy. Got her Flu shot and a couple other shots. Because our 8am appointment was canceled @ :730 and rescheduled for 1:30, I couldn’t go. Sad!

So, not quite sure how long she is, and all I know is she is 18 pounds and something…Will fill in the blanks as I find out 🙂

Here she is, Our Princess, 6 months old!

So Big!

5 Nov

Relief! Today Kaeden had his cat scan. The Neurosurgeon said that the scan looks good and he isn’t inclined to do surgery at this time. He wants to keep a close eye on him for now and go from there. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Huge sigh of Relief!

During his cat scan Kaeden was AMAZING! They saw how active Kaeden is and called in an anesthesiologist to sedate him. We starved him (poor guy) and came in early. I stressed over which one of us would have to stand there and comfort him while they put him under (last time I BAWLED!) BUT, our big boy held still. He layed on the table in a velcro burrito and focused on the stickers for 30 whole seconds…3 seperate times! Each time he continued wiggling his feet, but that was all. And as soon as they said he could, he squirmed as much as the bindings would let him. But, he held still when he had to!

The cat scan machine literally looks like a giant donut, Homer worthy. Although the below picture is not the one at Seattle Children’s, this is pretty much what it looked like 🙂


 Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. We were so nervous and it turned out to be a piece of cake donut.

Ps. Kaeden has not had both his seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccinations. And his Nephrology (Kidney) appointment is rescheduled for December 1.