PooPoo Potty Party!

10 Oct

elmopottyI will keep the poopoo talk to a minimum, but since we are dealing with a 3-year-old that is still in diapers, poopoo is what we talk about!

Last night Kaeden was in his big boy pants, watching Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers and eating popcorn. Neil and I were picking up the house and getting everything ready for bed. When I hear from the other room “Mama! I poopoo Potty!!!” So I ran out telling him “OK! Lets go! Go to the bathroom!” But he says “NO! I PooPoo Potty! It looks like L”  Sure enough….there was already poopoo in his potty!!!

We dropped everything (After I added it to my FB status, of course!) and had a PooPoo Potty Party, which includes a special chocolate treat and a lot of dancing!!! How exciting! We are trying not to pressure him with this, and now it seems like he is starting to get the concept all by himself! 🙂 YAY FOR KAEDEN!!


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