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PooPoo Potty Party!

10 Oct

elmopottyI will keep the poopoo talk to a minimum, but since we are dealing with a 3-year-old that is still in diapers, poopoo is what we talk about!

Last night Kaeden was in his big boy pants, watching Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers and eating popcorn. Neil and I were picking up the house and getting everything ready for bed. When I hear from the other room “Mama! I poopoo Potty!!!” So I ran out telling him “OK! Lets go! Go to the bathroom!” But he says “NO! I PooPoo Potty! It looks like L”  Sure enough….there was already poopoo in his potty!!!

We dropped everything (After I added it to my FB status, of course!) and had a PooPoo Potty Party, which includes a special chocolate treat and a lot of dancing!!! How exciting! We are trying not to pressure him with this, and now it seems like he is starting to get the concept all by himself! 🙂 YAY FOR KAEDEN!!



5 Oct

Poor Kaeden has been under the weather for the last week or so and was getting a case of Cabin Fever! Saturday I took advantage of the Perfect fall day and took the kids for an hour and half long walk to my parents house. It was so nice to enjoy the day with the kids! Bristol spent most of the walk sleeping, which was best 🙂 Kaeden alternated walking and riding in the stroller. We found WORMS (that we left with papa!) and got some much needed fresh air!

Sunday, Kaeden didn’t go to church, we didnt want to risk getting any of his friends at church sick. But, because he insisted that he was feeling better, we decided to do something fun. We had thought of going to a movie, but he said he wanted to go “Boing”. HUH? OH….Bowling! Now, where did that come from? He has NEVER gone bowling before lol! We decided to give it a try anyway! And it was SO fun! Kaeden did so good!! He is a bowling super star! Although the first ball didn’t make it to the pins, and the nice man who worked there had to retrieve it for him. After that, though, WATCH OUT! He would grab his ball and RUN as fast as he could to about a foot from the line and let go! (We chased him every time so we were there incase he launched himself down the lane!) He would then look up at me (or daddy) and say “it’s never going to make it!” I figure he caught that after the first ball didn’t make it down. So, we would go back and stand next to the ball return and wait for his ball to finally hit the pins. 🙂 Kaeden scored a 57!!! Honestly, there are times when I don’t score a 57!!! What a Bowling ALL-STAR!

The little boy next to us was VERY impressed with him and was so surprised that it was his first time bowling! definitely something we will try again!

Top row is Kaeden

Top row is Kaeden



1 Oct

I forgot to post an update after Kaeden’s last appointment, so here is a 2 for 1 🙂

September 28 he saw the Geneticist and Orthopedist at the same time. They both were very impressed with him (isn’t everyone LOL) They said that he is growing along the chart (although he is below the chart) and although they still want to follow him, they dont want to see him again for 2 years!!! That is AMAZING NEWS! We need more check ups like that! I was encouraged!

Then…we went to see the Neurosurgeon. Does it sound like the boost wore out? Well, it did. This is a new doctor that Kaeden has never seen before because his last Neurosurgeon moved onward to bigger pastures (literally, head of something big at Harborview!). Being a teaching hospital we usually see a resident (or student or whatever) before the doctor. This young guy (seriously, probably younger than me), came in the room with really nothing. Said that we probably had all our questions answered by Orthopedics and seemed like he wasn’t sure why we were there. I was shocked, we have never gotten that kind of reception from any department at Children’s hospital. I was ready to meet the dr and hear “see you next year” (or the year after!) Then, we met Dr Browd. He is very nice, but very to the point. He assumed correctly that the last neurosurgeon we saw didn’t really talk that much about Kaeden’s neck, mostly about the cyst (and bone) that we had removed two weeks prior to the last appointment.

Dr Browd said he wants to get an updated CT, the last one was a couple years ago. He said that his biggest concern is the possibility of the vertebrae moving and damaging the spinal cord. I think I probably looked like a deer in the headlights when he mentioned this next part…there is a possibility of him wanting to fuse all of the cervical vertebrae together…huh? No one has EVER mentioned anything remotely close to that before. Everyone has just said that we will keep up with the yearly checks. I guess I never thought beyond that…what are we checking for??? Uninformed parents, apparently. I was blown over. Major surgery, on my baby boy? WHAT? For the first time, I left Children’s hospital discouraged, and completely afraid of the possibilities. November 5th is the day that we have the CT and see Dr Browd again…please pray for God’s will in all of this! Kaeden’s mommy is a little freaked out, I dont know how I am supposed to feel about it, besides freaked out and discouraged.