3 Sep

Today is the big day, Kaeden is THREE…3, can he really be 3?? Amazing how time flies. Although we now have 2, it still seems like yesterday that he graced us with his presence (Presents!)

 On Tuesday we had his yearly check up with Dr. Stamm @ Seattle Children’s Hospital. He said that his heart is looking good, doesn’t seem worn out by all his energy. The small hole is still there, not getting smaller, but also not bigger. We will not be intervening unless it starts to, or they think it may, affect his quality of life.  Stay tuned for more, he still has several appointments left this year. We started with HEARING…I was (NOT) surprised when they told us he can hear fine…he seems to have a hard time listening 🙂

After Kaeden’s appointment we stopped by Funtasia before dropping mom off at work. He got to ride the Go-Carts with Daddy (with shoes on he was exactly tall enough to ride shot-gun) We didn’t have our camera, so we had to take a picture with our phone. You can’t see his face, but he was smiling a very big nervous smile (this was BEFORE they started. After he was the happiest boy in the world!)

Go Carts!
Go Carts!

Some of Kaeden’s Fun accomplishments @ 3:

*RUNS fast…Faster than most adults!

*Counts to 20 by himself (further if you count with him)

*Knows his ABC’s and can recognize several letters (notices that M and W are the same, only upside down!)

*Knows his colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Brown, Purple, Black, White.

*Sing several songs, including: Jingle Bells, Head Shoulders Knees & Toes and The Itsy Bitsey Spider

*Getting the hang of several types of games – Kicking a ball, hitting a ball w/ a bat off a tee, throwing a ball, RUNNING the bases.

*Went to his first Mariners game (lasted 3 innings!)

*Is a WONDERFUL big brother and has his sister convinced he Hung The Moon!


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