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He finally did it!

21 Sep

Kaeden and Bristol had their well checks today. They were absolutely wonderful and are perfectly healthy! YAY!

So, what did he do, you ask? Kaeden is finally 30 pounds…exactly! He is almost in the 30th percentile now! He is getting so big! I am sure that soon, the fact that he has been gaining weight will turn into gaining inches. He isn’t growing very fast, but he is growing. He is currently 34.25 inches…almost 3 feet. Only the, ummm, well 0.64 percentile there. Says this doctor. She is only one doctor that pays attention to these #’s. Next week we go to the Orthopedest & Geneticist (together), they pay very close attention to how much he has grown. Stay tuned for more on the goings on at the doctor for Kaeden.

At the other end of the scale…Baby girl is growing fast! She is going to catch up with brother very soon, I think. She is 25.5 inches and weighs 16 pounds 7 ounces. That puts her in about the 85th percentile for height and 92nd for weight. She is also over performing, for her age. She scoots around on the floor and has decided that being on her feet is the only way to be. She will be moving on her own in no time, I am sure.


Each day flies by, in the life of a parent. My babies are growing every day, soon they will be all grown up. Some day they wont need me to help them dress or hold their hand in the parking lot. Soon they will be hanging out with friends and ignoring their mom. Until that day, I will take every breakdown with a grain of salt and realize that every midnight wake up is a blessing and a chance to spend time with my babies.


Heavy Weight

4 Sep

She came into our lives 4 months ago and changed our world! She is almost 17 weeks old, amazing! This is just a small update, because she hit the scale this week and weighs 15 POUNDS!!! can you believe it? My arms sure do 🙂



3 Sep

Today is the big day, Kaeden is THREE…3, can he really be 3?? Amazing how time flies. Although we now have 2, it still seems like yesterday that he graced us with his presence (Presents!)

 On Tuesday we had his yearly check up with Dr. Stamm @ Seattle Children’s Hospital. He said that his heart is looking good, doesn’t seem worn out by all his energy. The small hole is still there, not getting smaller, but also not bigger. We will not be intervening unless it starts to, or they think it may, affect his quality of life.  Stay tuned for more, he still has several appointments left this year. We started with HEARING…I was (NOT) surprised when they told us he can hear fine…he seems to have a hard time listening 🙂

After Kaeden’s appointment we stopped by Funtasia before dropping mom off at work. He got to ride the Go-Carts with Daddy (with shoes on he was exactly tall enough to ride shot-gun) We didn’t have our camera, so we had to take a picture with our phone. You can’t see his face, but he was smiling a very big nervous smile (this was BEFORE they started. After he was the happiest boy in the world!)

Go Carts!
Go Carts!

Some of Kaeden’s Fun accomplishments @ 3:

*RUNS fast…Faster than most adults!

*Counts to 20 by himself (further if you count with him)

*Knows his ABC’s and can recognize several letters (notices that M and W are the same, only upside down!)

*Knows his colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Brown, Purple, Black, White.

*Sing several songs, including: Jingle Bells, Head Shoulders Knees & Toes and The Itsy Bitsey Spider

*Getting the hang of several types of games – Kicking a ball, hitting a ball w/ a bat off a tee, throwing a ball, RUNNING the bases.

*Went to his first Mariners game (lasted 3 innings!)

*Is a WONDERFUL big brother and has his sister convinced he Hung The Moon!