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21 Aug

Being “twohalf” almost 3 Kaeden has taken to copying everything we say and randomly using it in conversation. However, it doesn’t always fit.  For example, he had started telling us he “misses” us whenever he feels it will get him sympathy (like bedtime or when he is in time out) He has started saying, “get me out of here” when he wants out of his crib in the morning. The big one is that whenever we hit the top of the stairs to leave our apartment he pauses and says “holy crap!” Although it is REALLY cute, we worry that he is saying something that could possibly offend someone. So, as not to encourage, we try to stifle our giggling and gently discourage the language.

Kids really do say the darndest things 🙂 What have you heard out of your toddler (or someone elses toddler) that makes you laugh (or cringe)?


It’s Official

21 Aug

Thursday, Kaeden made his yearly trip to the audiology department at Children’s Hospital. I did not get to go to this one (sadly) but was so happy to hear that he was such a grown up big boy while he was there. In previous years he has sat in the room with distractions, like toys and books, and they set off sounds throughout the room. They determine he can “hear” them if he looks in the direction of the sound. This time, he got to wear headphones and was directed to hit a button every time he heard a sound. When Neil told me this I was thinking, “oh man, I bet that was a DISASTER”. Trying to get a very active two year old to sit and listen to sounds and actually respond by hitting a button, instead of just looking at you, YEA, RIGHT! However…our big boy did just that and passed with flying colors!

Although, I was a little ‘surprised’, since he often appears to not “hear” me 🙂  so told him “it’s official, you can hear me.” Now, to figure out how to make him listen!