Working Mom

7 Jul

Monday it was back to the daily grind for me. Which means that Neil is home with the kids. Which also means that Bristol is now 8 weeks old! WOW! So, what does that all mean?

For one, I am now gone from 7:15 am until 5:30 pm (at the earliest). I get up between 5:30 and 6:00am (depending on if I plan to do my hair or not). I have to rely on Neil to get house work done, prepare or at least plan dinner, entertain both kids which includes (but is not limited to)  making sure that Kaeden gets a nap and doesn’t spend all day in front of the tv and that Bristol doesn’t sleep all day or sit in a dirty diaper for hours. I am also needing to pump 3 times a day instead of one, since Neil is giving Bristol bottles (too bad the lactation doesn’t move from mommy to daddy when mommy goes back to work) AND that means that I have tohaul my pump to work and work an extra 30 minutes a day so that they will give me an extra long lunch. There is a room (off the ladies rest room) that is reserved for mothers that need to pump, so it works ok. However, my “work pump” is very loud and so I spend 30 minutes in there (during the lunch hour) while sounds very much like a dairy farm echo through the building (I guess it might not be THAT loud)

Also, our little girl is 8 weeks old! She is smiling and giggling. She is very strong, has been from the start. She has been trying to hold her head up since she took her first breath. Now she will stand up on your legs and laugh and giggle like it is the best ride at Disney Land (although I think she is secretly laughing AT us, and the fact she will probably be walking earlier than Kaeden did!)

Now, on my second day back to work, I feel like I never left. Work is work and it doesn’t seem to change…bummer 🙂 There is one headache issue that was fixed while I was gone (JOY!) but several others popped up in it’s absence…

Hopefully our routine will get easier and we will get used to me being gone most of the day.


2 Responses to “Working Mom”

  1. Erin July 16, 2009 at 21:44 #

    Great post and great perspective. You seem to handle yourself with such grace, and I admire you so much for your commitment to your fam in doing what you have to do. Also, so cool to hear how your little girl is growing. Love you Miss Lesa!

  2. Adelaide July 18, 2009 at 21:44 #

    Lesa Lynn…you are so brave and secure in your role as a working mom…I give you so much praise for that is one of thee hardest things to do..when your children are at the ages they are!

    But they seem like two little angels..and for that, you are so blessed…It seems as though Kaeden has accepted his role as BIG BRO, while your little DOLL, Bristol, has stolen everyone’s heart with her sweetness and adorable face!

    God bless your tenacity and two parents working together as a team for what needs to be done. I admire you also and much good luck with your beautful family!

    Grandma Dell..

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