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Bristol is 7 weeks old!

29 Jun

It seems like just yesterday that Bristol joined our family. It doesn’t seem like it’s been 7 weeks already, but we can no longer picture our lives with out her! She has brought a special light to our lives that we didn’t know wasn’t there, until she came. We are very blessed to have both our babies.




6 weeks!

22 Jun

Today Bristol will be 6 weeks old! Right about now (2pm), 6 weeks ago, I was on my way from my doctor’s office to the hospital. Yesterday, Father’s day, Bristol was cracking up at Neil. This was no gas induced smile, she was totally cracking up. Long enough for me to get my camera and take a picture!




Picture Day :)

15 Jun

On Friday we took the kids to see Kayla Bosma, a friend from high school that has opened her own photography studio. She has posted a little peek on her website for all to see. While you are there, be sure to check out the rest of her work!

Some pictures

15 Jun

Kaeden comes face to face with a horse at Forrest Park
Kaeden comes face to face with a horse at Forrest Park
Bristol and Daddy crashed out on the couch

Bristol and Daddy crashed out on the couch

"Hi Daddy"

"Hi Daddy"

Baby Girl

Baby Girl


Blahdity Blah blah blah (and 1 month check up day)

15 Jun

(Please excuse the randomness)

Yesterday, Pastor Dean’s message was about “sameness”. I see the value of “sameness” in life. He read us a amazing little blurb from the book “The Soloist” which brought tears to my eyes (now I want to read the book). Yesterday I thought “this is the way to world peace”. The things that we have in common make us one and bring us together. Today, however, I am focused on differences. Today Bristol had her one month well baby check. The last couple days we have been guessing at her weight (we figured about 10 pounds) and talking about how different she is from Kaeden. The things that make them special and unique, individuals. I know what is the same about my children, their looks for starters (especially their noses). But their differences are just as obvious, I can’t help but notice.

At 37 weeks pregnant, we learned that Kaeden had some birth defects, not life threatening, but life changing. Bristol, as far as we know so far, is completely healthy. Kaeden was 6 lbs 13 oz at birth and he did not make it back to birth weight until 3 weeks. Bristol was 7 lbs 14 oz and made birth weight by 10 days! Kaeden was 18.5 inches and Bristol was 20 inches.  At Kaeden’s 1 month check he was 8 lbs 2 oz and 19.5 inches long. Today, Bristol is 10 lbs 14 ounces and 22 inches long. Our big girl is already wearing size 3 months and is ready to go into size 2 diapers. So on and so on.

Our friend has two beautiful daughters, one is petite and the other stalky. At first glance you think they could be twins, but they are 13 months appart. I imagine this is how my children will be. By the time Bristol is 2 or 3 she will be the same size as Kaeden and people will be asking if they are twins. Our family doctor wisely advised that, although you wouldn’t initially think so, it will be easier for Kaeden to have a sister that is taller than a little brother. Boys, Brothers, are more competitive than a brother and a sister are.

Lord, I pray we are always able to see their differences and encourage their individuality and uniqueness.

I am overwhelmed lately with the love flowing out of my heart. My bf’s back in the day and I had a saying (we got it from a Precious Moments coloring book but I just googled it and see that it’s a song, see here for lyrics.) “My Cup Runneth Over”. As a mother, I definitely feel as if my heart is overflowing with love for my children.


Tips for the New Mommy

15 Jun

I found this online while I was searching through the Christian bookstore website. I felt it was worth a post 🙂


by Elisabeth K. Corcoran

Spiritual & Emotional:

• First things first — you won’t find time to spend with God. You will need to make time — do it. His patience, love and strength will help in transforming you to be the mother you (and He) want you to be.

• Risking sounding like a cliché, this time will not last forever. Begin training your mind and heart to freeze these special moments so you can bring them back to your memory when this baby gets bigger. Time flies when you’re in love. Trust me.

• When you feel a little resentful that your husband’s life hasn’t seemed to be affected by the new bundle, realize that you are only jealous that you can’t do what he still can (i.e. get up and read the Sunday paper–if you can get up, it will be to nurse the baby!). Go ahead and grieve the loss of freedom that you once had. Go ahead and get it over with so that you can willingly embrace the “bond”-age of the little life before you.

Don’t let her steal your time, sleep, space — give it to her willingly! It will make you feel like a life-giver (which is what or who you are) instead of a life-saver (which is not as much fun, and much more draining).
Mommy Care:

Rest. I mean, really rest. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your baby. Put your feet up during feedings. Take some deep breaths. When the baby sleeps, take a nap or lie down. The first few weeks is a huge time of healing for your body. Don’t push it. Allow other people to pamper you. And if someone offers to help, actually give them something little to do.

Do something nice for yourself everyday–take a bubble bath, order take-out, read your favorite magazine or book for 15 minutes or so, and of course, sleep when the baby sleeps.

Don’t get dressed to go anywhere until AFTER you’ve fed, burped and changed baby. I’m sure you’re carrying an extra outfit or two for baby, but why don’t you pack one for yourself to keep in the car? I was sitting in the middle of a children’s museum when my baby, who I was trying to nurse discreetly, had a blowout poop and leaked through his diaper, outfit, and right onto me!
Baby Care:

• When baby poops from head to toe (and they will!), don’t freak out — grab the camera and laugh it away.

• One thing I did that worked – gave my baby a bath and baby lotion massage at night. It relaxed both of us and she smelled wonderful.

Get a babysitter very soon! You need to get out either alone, with your husband, or with a friend. And the earlier you begin with this, the easier the baby will adjust to other caregivers. Don’t worry about the cost –

a) you can’t afford not to take care of yourself and your marriage (you were a woman, wife and friend before the baby came and you will be long after they leave…) and

b) there are PLENTY of women who would love to hold and cuddle a baby for a couple hours while you get a much-needed break…so use them!

If your hubby offers to do anything – let him, let him, let him. True, it may not get done exactly as you would like (diapering, feeding, bathing, trips to the store, etc.) but it will be one less thing for you to do.

Be patient with breastfeeding – it gets easier.
Don’t be surprised if you…get pregnant while nursing. It happens a lot… (this was worth repeating!)
If you’re nursing—drink, drink, drink. If you notice frequent headaches, you could be dehydrated and in need of more fluid. Good rule of thumb: each time you sit down to a feeding, grab a glass of water.

Start off right! If you want your child to eat veggies, give him veggies, from the beginning. If you want him to drink lots of water, give him water, from the beginning. It is easy to do anything “right” from the beginning. Your young child only knows and experiences what you present him. It is difficult changing set habits or customs when he is older.

Introduce a bottle ASAP. Use expressed breast milk. It will give you more freedom later.

Change newborn diapers often--there is nothing worse than diaper rash.

Carry an extra pacifier on you at ALL TIMES.

Always carry a changing pad…most changing stations in malls, etc., do not have disposable ones.

Be flexible- not everything goes as planned. More important than the event is our attitude when things don’t turn out.

Four Weeks!

8 Jun

Bristol is 4 weeks old today! Amazing, time sure flies! She is eating more, less often (which I like!) and staying awake more during the day (luckily, not staying awake at night!) She is growing so fast, almost out of all of her size newborn clothes already! Soon, too soon, I will be back at work and she will be with Neil all day…I am going to have to do a practice run and leave him alone with her for a couple of hours, we’ll see how that goes.

Thursday, she will be one month old. We are taking her and Kaeden to get their pictures taken. A dear friend from high school, Kayla Bosma,  is a fantastic photographer with a studio in Monroe. We are so excited, I know that the pictures will be fantastic!

I don’t have any recent pictures right now, the camera is in the car, but I will post some soon!