16 May

I wonder what goes through the mind of a 2 year old when the cute baby everyone is gaga over at the hospital follows them home?

This week we have seen a range of emotion from our former only child. Although he is very sweet to baby sister, and helpful most of the time, we can definitely see the change in him. Hopefully it isn’t permanent (major prayer topic). Our sweet “Big Boy” has been acting out, cranky, and definitely not himself. I was afraid of this…I still am. It breaks my heart to see the hurt in his face while everyone coos and passes by him to see the baby. Having to share us with this little trespasser, as I am sure he sees her, confuses and frustrates him. Knowing that things will settle down, doesn’t help my roller coaster of emotions and hormones as my special little boy gets a dose of the green monster.

– any words o’ wisdom?


One Response to “Change”

  1. Erin July 20, 2009 at 21:44 #

    I just read this for the first time (don’t know how I missed it!). I just love that I’m not the only one who’s heart has broken for my firstborn. Glad we’ve gotten to do this “together”. 🙂

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