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Sunny Days

29 May

The last several days have been absolutely beautiful! Yesterday and today we went to Forrest Park in Everett. Kaeden rode his bike, played on the toys and played in the water. It was super good times!


^ He didn’t want to get dressed in dry clothes. He rode his bike to the car with just a shirt & diaper on. ^






16 May

I wonder what goes through the mind of a 2 year old when the cute baby everyone is gaga over at the hospital follows them home?

This week we have seen a range of emotion from our former only child. Although he is very sweet to baby sister, and helpful most of the time, we can definitely see the change in him. Hopefully it isn’t permanent (major prayer topic). Our sweet “Big Boy” has been acting out, cranky, and definitely not himself. I was afraid of this…I still am. It breaks my heart to see the hurt in his face while everyone coos and passes by him to see the baby. Having to share us with this little trespasser, as I am sure he sees her, confuses and frustrates him. Knowing that things will settle down, doesn’t help my roller coaster of emotions and hormones as my special little boy gets a dose of the green monster.

– any words o’ wisdom?

Bristol Lynn Cowley

14 May

Kaeden wants you to meet his sister!!!

bristol2 345

Bristol is here! The tiny angel joined our family on Monday, May 11 @ 10:43pm, 18 inches long and weighing in at 7 pounds 14 ounces. We are home now and happy to see people.

Happy Mother’s Day!

10 May

The love that God gives to women to pour out on the world is a powerful thing. There is nothing that quite compares to the strength of a womans love. In my life, I have been blessed with many wonderful, wise, women to look up to. My mother and I may not always see eye to eye, but we share a love for eachother that will never end. My mother is a woman who puts aside needs and wants for those that she loves. She is beautiful and caring, a wonderful example for a little girl to have. Possibly the reason that I can remember always wanting children, wanting to be able to give the kind of love that I received from my own mother. I have also had other women in my life show me love and kindness that helped shape the person I am today. I hope they all know how much I cherish and respect each and every one of them!

Like I said above, I have always wanted to be a mother. To have someone to love, to teach, to hold and to watch grow. I am very blessed to have that dream come true, and try not to take it for granted. When Kaeden was born, I could feel my heart pouring over with love for him, more love that I could ever imagine. Now, anxiously awaiting Bristol’s arivial, I couldn’t help but wonder where I would get that  much love for her too. When your heart is so full of love, it is hard to imagine more love even exists. However, I have been reassured that it happens. I trust in the words of experience I have recieved from women very dear to me, that it does happen, that my heart will make room. I can’t wait to experience it. The blessing of being a mother, again.

Happy Mothers day to all the women that have touched my heart.


4 May

I am sitting at my desk at work (working very hard, of course!) and realized that I now only have 7 work days left before Bristol comes. That means only 9 days!! The count down is on to get ready for Baby Girl’s arrival!

Oh, and for anyone that wants to MEET her, not just see pictures. I will be in the hospital for a couple days, Providence Everett Pavilion, open to visitors. After that, we will be at home accepting visitors. We probably wont make it out and about to show her off, so you have to come to us 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you!