14 Apr

Today we got the call. The news that I have been waiting for. C Section is scheduled for May 14, unless Bristol decides to come on her own time (I wouldn’t really mind if she did) I can’t lie, I am a little disappointed that it isn’t sooner. My doctor kept telling me that I would have her “early” because I was scheduling a c-section. People kept assuring me that it’s normally scheduled around 38 weeks. They want it to be late enough that the baby is ready, but don’t want you to actually go into labor first. I know that the longer she is in there, the healthier she will be…But, um hello..4 days?! Is that all? That means that our friend, who is actually due a week after me and has the same OB I do (just a different surgeon) gets to deliver 3 days before me! I realize it’s a little selfish of me, I realize that it is MUCH better than 5 days late (like with Kaeden), but I am so ready to be done…


On a happy note, the M’s just won their home opener 3-2 in 10! My ticket went to my fantastic brother in law…he better have had a good time with Neil! 🙂


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