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Hello Old Man!

27 Apr

This weekend I heard some exciting and shocking news! My cousin Mike is going to be a GRANDFATHER!  (hehehe OLD MAN!) Congratulations to Andrew and Justine! We are very very excited for you both!

That means that my Aunt will be a GREAT Grandmother! And, Grandma now has her first GREAT GREAT Grandchild on the way! What a reality check! Aren’t people that are younger than you just supposed to stay young? Oh well! It makes me feel very old when I think that my cousin will be a grandfather!

It is interesting to see how our family is growing. My grandmother had 5 children and that turned into 12 grandchildren…16 great grand children & now 1 Great Great grandchild on the way!



18 Apr

I would have never in a million years think it would happen. Twice in one pregnancy? Twice in 5 months?! Yep, you guessed it, someone HIT me today! I was driving home, only a couple blocks to go, and someone pulled out of a driveway and slammed into my rear drivers side door!

(before I continue, everything is fine! Baby and I are good!)

She got out, offered me all her information and we went our separate ways. Now, Neil is so angry because I am TOO trusting and nice. I didn’t call the police because I didn’t want to wait, I was shaking and scared on the side of the road and just wanted to get to the doctor to make sure everything was ok! The car was drivable, so I just got her info and left.

Now, apparently I need prayers. prayers taht I am not a big SUCKER! That the address on her drivers license was correct. That just because I still trust people doesn’t leave me in the dust with a big dent in my rear!

The exciting part of this is that we had an ultrasound and got some new pictures of Bristol. She looks a lot like Kaeden. It was so sweet to see her all squished in there sucking on her arm (not kidding-she was sucking on her arm, like wrist area)

So, we are fine, just shaken up…tired…frusterated! And now, going to bed!


14 Apr

Today we got the call. The news that I have been waiting for. C Section is scheduled for May 14, unless Bristol decides to come on her own time (I wouldn’t really mind if she did) I can’t lie, I am a little disappointed that it isn’t sooner. My doctor kept telling me that I would have her “early” because I was scheduling a c-section. People kept assuring me that it’s normally scheduled around 38 weeks. They want it to be late enough that the baby is ready, but don’t want you to actually go into labor first. I know that the longer she is in there, the healthier she will be…But, um hello..4 days?! Is that all? That means that our friend, who is actually due a week after me and has the same OB I do (just a different surgeon) gets to deliver 3 days before me! I realize it’s a little selfish of me, I realize that it is MUCH better than 5 days late (like with Kaeden), but I am so ready to be done…


On a happy note, the M’s just won their home opener 3-2 in 10! My ticket went to my fantastic brother in law…he better have had a good time with Neil! 🙂