Follow up on the big announcement

7 Mar

Hopefully there are no hurt feelings over our secret wedding. I know that there were many people that would have wanted to be there, if they only knew about it. It was an agonizing decision to have a small wedding where only our parents and siblings were present. We had to leave out hundreds of family members that we love very much, and many friends that we would have loved to have celebrate with us. Because we did not invite anyone, we decided not to tell anyone either, until after.

There are many many reasons we decided to go this route, too many to list, but it was our decision in the end. We had the idea to have a large reception on August 29 this year, to celebrate with everyone we love. This year, on August 29, will be Neil and I’s 9 year anniversary…and our 6 month wedding anniversary. It is a very special day, we had thought about making that day our wedding day, but wanted to make it “official” sooner. It’s been so long, what’s 6 more months, right? Honestly, I didn’t want to give Neil a chance to change his mind 🙂 I have been bugging him for a while and we have been getting hit from all around with the nagging question of WHEN!? So we decided to do it NOW.

I hope that everyone understands, and any hurt feelings fade quickly…at least before the reception, which will be a ton of fun!


Ps. This is the room we held the ceremony and had dinner in, at the restaurant where Neil and I had our first date…not many more people could have crammed in!



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