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No Pickles Please!

15 Mar

thstarbucks.jpg starbucks image by glitagirlThis morning, on the way to church, in the snow, Kaeden and I stopped at Starbucks for some hot chocolate. Kaeden must have been feeling a little goofy because of the snow, because nall of a sudden from the back seat I hear “No Pickles, Please” I laughed and asked what he said, I had to be sure. He repeated “No Pickles, Please”. I laughed so hard, which made him say it over and over, very reminicent of Rain Man . “No Pickles, Please…No Pickles, Please…No Pickles, Please…No Pickles, Please” When the girl at the window heard, she said that she promised not to put pickles in the coacoa , and gave him stickers  instead.

NoPickle.jpg No Pickles image by gatorhogSo, we continued to church with my hot cholate, minus pickles! It is amazing to see his sence of humor growing, he really is a funny guy!


A First that isn’t fun!

10 Mar

I was runing a little late after work today, so Neil dropped Kaeden off at my parents house when he left for school. He and I hung out for a while and he ran around and had a good ol’ time with my younger brother. Maybe too much fun. He all  hyped up and was running around the house like a maniac! We always tell him when he runs crazy like that, that he will fall and hurt himself – It has happened! However, this time, when he fell, it was because he tripped over MY FOOT when he was running by me…not only did he trip, but he got his FIRST BLOODY NOSE! I is sooooo not fun to get nose blood all over you from your two year old 😦 It was so sad, I almost cried! Luckily, there is snow on the ground, and he thought it was cool to go outside to get snow to put on his nose. Poor little man!!!!!!

Lesson for Mom and Dad

8 Mar

Tonight at Fred Meyer, we let Kaeden get out of the cart to pick out a special movie. We were there getting boring stuff, like printer paper and hangers, and he was exceptionally good. He was so cute, examining the back of each movie to see which he wanted and finally settled on this Diego movie.

Go Diego Go! - Safari Rescue

We then told him that he needed to hop back into the cart so that we could check out and leave. OH NO…that wasn’t happening. With a joyous shriek and tons of giggles he bolted for the door! I gave chase, but didn’t catch up until he had already set off the alarm, which he thought was hilarious! He especially liked the ‘beep beep beep’ it made. Everyone seemed to get a kick out of it, but mom and dad learned a lesson…don’t let the toddler out of the cart at the store, no matter how good he is being. 

If we were better at disciplining him, we would have put the movie back. But we are at home now, watching it before bed. At least we gave our favorite checker a laugh, who was there with her husband and little one.

Maybe we should start taking his leash to the store with us, we’ve only used it once or twice, this may be exactly the stage it was meant for!? 

Follow up on the big announcement

7 Mar

Hopefully there are no hurt feelings over our secret wedding. I know that there were many people that would have wanted to be there, if they only knew about it. It was an agonizing decision to have a small wedding where only our parents and siblings were present. We had to leave out hundreds of family members that we love very much, and many friends that we would have loved to have celebrate with us. Because we did not invite anyone, we decided not to tell anyone either, until after.

There are many many reasons we decided to go this route, too many to list, but it was our decision in the end. We had the idea to have a large reception on August 29 this year, to celebrate with everyone we love. This year, on August 29, will be Neil and I’s 9 year anniversary…and our 6 month wedding anniversary. It is a very special day, we had thought about making that day our wedding day, but wanted to make it “official” sooner. It’s been so long, what’s 6 more months, right? Honestly, I didn’t want to give Neil a chance to change his mind 🙂 I have been bugging him for a while and we have been getting hit from all around with the nagging question of WHEN!? So we decided to do it NOW.

I hope that everyone understands, and any hurt feelings fade quickly…at least before the reception, which will be a ton of fun!


Ps. This is the room we held the ceremony and had dinner in, at the restaurant where Neil and I had our first date…not many more people could have crammed in!


Almost there!

5 Mar

In other news…Kaeden is SO close to being potty trained! Well on his way to being out of diapers by the time Bristol joins our family! He tells us when he has to “poo poo potty” and will hold it if we aren’t at home! He doesn’t tell us when he has to pee, I wasn’t even sure that he knew the sensation, until my lovely father told him to “pee on mommy”, which he decided to do, on my foot!!! That is what you get when you put a 55 year old with a 2 year old, I guess, quite the joksters!

He is getting to be such a big boy, I can’t believe he is 2 and a half now! Time sure flies!

I guess I made you wait Long enough!

5 Mar

On Saturday February 28, in a very small private ceremony, Neil and I got Married! I know, I know, it’s about time, right?! When the pastor asked who had been waiting a long time for this, I litterally raised my hand!  We had such a great day!



Ps.  There will be a reception held on August 29, 2009 for all of our Family and Friends.  Check your mail in a couple weeks for a save the date card. Details will follow.