8 Jan

Have you ever had a flash in your mind of someone else’s experience? Tonight Neil spoke to the young man that hit me on Monday. I have been praying for him all week, he hit me so hard that I was worried about him being ok. Here is his story (and what I saw) Picture this:

Driving down hwy 99 going “50-ish”. The car in front of you gets over into the next lane, you speed up to try to get in the lane to the left also. (*now going more than 50-ish) You hit what you describe as a “Dip” in the road and loose control. Your rear end slides out to the side as you see a Jeep in the lane in front of you. Your rear end slams into the rear passenger side of the jeep (here is where I could have sworn I saw his front end, and it looked like he was going Over me!)  After hitting the jeep (remember you are going a little over 50-ish) you slam into the sidewalk and then your front end hits the rock wall on the side of the road (Lynnwood’s Cycle Barn). Still spinning, you finally come to a stop facing the front of the Jeep. Realizing you can’t open your door, you climb out of the window to talk to the waiting man, who you think was the passenger of the Jeep. (this man was a very nice man that happened to see this and came right over, after calling 911 to make sure everyone was ok-I was alone, it wasn’t Neil)

This is his story mixed with mine. Now we know a little more and I know why I could see his front end in my rear view after he hit me. I am thankful that he is ok and that he hit me with his rear end. going as fast as he was, hitting me with his front would have seriously hurt him. I was so relieved when he was talking to Neil and said that although he is sore, like me, he is fine.

AND, I am very thankful that he has insurance. He already has someone working on the claim. We are hoping that since our jeep and his car are in the same tow yard, that they have already looked at our jeep. We will know that tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes, it has meant the world to me!


One Response to “AHHHHHH….”

  1. Erin January 8, 2009 at 21:44 #

    Wow. I’m so glad about the insurance, and so glad you got a story and some perspective. You have handled yourself with such grace in a stressful situation (at least in the blog world :-). Thanks for sharing and for your ability to understand and forgive.

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