That’s all folks

6 Jan

Monday, on my way to work, sitting at a dead stop, I got rear ended by an older bodystyle Jetta. He was going fast enough that he broke my rear axel and my rear windshield. After hitting me, his car slammed up against a rock wall and ended up in front of me, facing me. His car has much more damage than mine, but to think that a little Jetta totalled my Jeep, it’s pretty amazing! Luckily, it was just me (and the baby) in the car. I went to the hospital in an aid car on a backboard. Xrays showed that I was fine and they sent me to be admitted on the maternity floor. There, we spent 4 hours being monitored. Everything came out fine, thankfully! The officer gave Neil the name and address of the guy that hit me, when Neil stopped to take pictures on the way to the hospital. I don’t want to think about the visit that the poor guy would have recieved from several people, if anything would have happened. Thankfully we are both fine.

More than I can say for the Jeep, it’s totalled! We are going to sign it over to the tow yard tomorrow, since they are charging us $39.00 a day. We wont get the guys insurance info (if he has any) before the tow company decides to just take the car and charge us anywa, so we are just giving it to them. Oh well, after resting today I am back to work tomorrow. I am thankfull for my desk job right now!

Here is my Jeep and the car that hit me.






One Response to “That’s all folks”

  1. Shana January 7, 2009 at 21:44 #

    I am so glad you and the baby are okay! Now, let’s pray the guy has insurance.

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