27 Dec

I’ve been laying here in bed going through all the blogs that I follow wondering when people are going to post something. I finished the book I was reading and am missing the updates and pictures that friends normally post regularly. After the 4th or 5th blog that didn’t have anything new I realized that it was silly that I check several blogs almost every day, but don’t post in my blog for weeks at a time…shame on me! I dont have any pictures now, but I will be adding some. Ihave a lot to write about, here are some topics that I will probably hit soon.

It snowed over a foot here, snowed for 2 weeks, which was both amazing and frusterating!

Christmas came and went, it was fun, but glad it’s over!

I Still have a cold that just wont go away (had it for over a month!)

Kaeden is growing like crazy and starting to do things that both astound us and make us sad, he is growing too fast if you ask me!

and once I have gone through the pictures and video from the last couple weeks I am sure that I will have more!


I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas! May joy and happiness find you in the new year!


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