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Why God made little Girls

30 Dec

God made the world with towering trees,
Majestic mountains and restless seas.
Then paused and said , “It needs one more thing…
Someone to laugh and dance and sing.
To walk in the wood and gather flowers…
To commune with nature in quiet hours.”

So God made little girls
With laughing eyes and bouncing curls,
With joyful hearts and infectious smiles,
Enchanting ways and feminine wiles.
And when He’d completed the task He’d begun.
He was pleased and proud of the job He’d done.
For the world, when seen through little girl’s eyes
Greatly resembled Paradise.

Coming May 2009

Bristol Lynn Cowley



27 Dec

This Christmas Kaeden knew pretty much what was going on. He was getting presents! He and I spent one night talking about the meaning of Christmas, but he was very focused on the presents. We are now spending our time trying to figure out what to do with all the toys he got! Again, not too many pictures, Kaeden was very busy and we left the picture taking to everyone else, I will post those soon.

As organized as the chaos of Xmas Eve can get!

As organized as the chaos of Xmas Eve can get!


Kaeden & Grammie watching the Train go around the tree

Kaeden & Grammie watching the Train go around the treeKaeden racing the wind ups


Snow for 2 weeks

27 Dec

In my lifetime in Washington state, winters have been mild and mostly rainy. I can count on one hand the number of White Christmas’ that have occured in my lifetime. This was the first time since 1861 that there was a foot of snow in the ground on Christmas day…amazing! It even snowed, huge flakes that came down so heavy it left at least an inch in the 30 minutes or so it fell! This year was one for the record books. Snow here in Everett started Sat Dec 13. My dad was outside putting up lights at his house and it was lightly snowing…beautiful! Then the snow started coming down harder…and harder. By Monday there were inches…by the following Sunday, with the extra several inches that fell that day (during a Seahawks win over the Jets!!) we had over a foot!

Our apartment complex was pretty horrible. Infact, it was a nightmare! We are lucky to have an all wheel drive Jeep, but for those that don’t, there were cars stuck all over the parking lot, even a tow truck! We spent Monday the 22nd inside with the shades open watching people trying to get through the parking lot. Tuesday we went out and helped people get around, if we could. The 4-6 inches of ice under the snow was the tricky part! Even now, as I write this, there is a car struggling to get out of their parking spot. Most people now are wondering when it will finally be gone!

I only took a couple pictures of the snow, it was too cold 🙂

Kaeden in the snow
Kaeden in the snow


Our complex, burried in the snow
Our complex, burried in the snow


The cars parked in front of my apartment
The cars parked in front of our apartment
Boeing, and one die hard standing out in the snow to smoke
Boeing, and one die hard standing out in the snow to smoke


27 Dec

I’ve been laying here in bed going through all the blogs that I follow wondering when people are going to post something. I finished the book I was reading and am missing the updates and pictures that friends normally post regularly. After the 4th or 5th blog that didn’t have anything new I realized that it was silly that I check several blogs almost every day, but don’t post in my blog for weeks at a time…shame on me! I dont have any pictures now, but I will be adding some. Ihave a lot to write about, here are some topics that I will probably hit soon.

It snowed over a foot here, snowed for 2 weeks, which was both amazing and frusterating!

Christmas came and went, it was fun, but glad it’s over!

I Still have a cold that just wont go away (had it for over a month!)

Kaeden is growing like crazy and starting to do things that both astound us and make us sad, he is growing too fast if you ask me!

and once I have gone through the pictures and video from the last couple weeks I am sure that I will have more!


I hope that everyone had a fantastic Christmas! May joy and happiness find you in the new year!

Pictures when you are 2

6 Dec

Kaeden’s brilliant parents took him to get pictures taken Friday. OH MY GOODNESS! Last year was CAKE compared to pictures at two. He didn’t want to cooperate at all with the picture lady. Sit down, two year olds don’t know how to do that…That is kinda how our year has been, running, jumping, growling, scooting, all of which were captured in our pictures 🙂

Always a Dinosaur

As always, he's a Dinosaur

 What says happy holidays better than a dinosaur? He’s putting his whole body into making it real.