Day Care

1 Nov

So, Kaeden has been going to daycare for about a month. Hopefully, he will start going more regularly. In October, he probably only went 5 times. Poor kid has had enough dr apointments, colds and ickyness in October to last a lifetime. And, since he is part time, he is only signed up to be there from 7am – 12pm. It’s hard to get Neil up at 6:30 to take Kaeden to daycare. BUT, he does love going!

The other day when Neil picked him up the teacher told him how wonderful Kaeden was that day, which was a blessing after other reports that he bit someone! The teacher told Neil that Kaeden played very good that day, ate his lunch and that he even put a puzzle together by himself! Once he was done with the puzzle, he made the teacher come over and see…he was so proud! And I am very proud of him, he is growing up to be such a good little boy!

Hopefully the day care will help him loose his little bad habbits, like the biting. The teacher says that most toddlers bite when they are excited…but he bites hard! I know that it isn’t just our 2 year old that does it, but it sure is discouraging some times.


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