Scary Scary Neil

22 Oct

Ok, so you wouldn’t normally think of Neil as a scary guy. He’s clean shaven and well dressed…but I suppose so are most serial killers.

Well, here is what happened last night. Poor Kaeden has been really sick the last couple days, with the icky stuff. It’s hard to see your 2 year old dry heaving all night! So, the SECOND night of it, we decided to take him down to Children’s hospital to see if there was anything they could do. BUT, had to stop for gas first. We recently bought an old Toyota Corrolla to save on gas, it’s a great car, but I think it needs either a new battery or a new alternator, Because…when we were pumping the gas (with the lights on) the battery DIED! So, at 3am, we were sitting at the gas station with no power. There was a car there when we pulled up, but now, both the street and the gas station were dead. (this was not a station with an attendant working) Finally, after waiting for about a half hour (and changing one really bad diaper in the car when it was 35 degrees) we decided to call my dad and wake him up. He normally wakes up about 4 so 345 wasn’t so bad to get up. But, of course, as fate would have it, someone showed up right after we called. (Here’s the good part) Neil went over and asked him if he could spare a minute and give us a jump. The guy said sure and got in his car…and drove away. So, this man, probably in his mid 30’s, was so scared of Neil with his sick 2 year old that he got in his car and bailed at the thought of having to jump start the car! Now, you wouldn’t think of Neil as a scary guy, but they do say that most killers look just like the average Joe…or Neil 🙂


(ps. Kaeden is fine. My dad showed up, got the car started and we made it to Children’s. The doctor there gave him some anti nasuea medication and we were able to get him to hold down some gatoraide. He has a really common virus that causes severe vomiting & diarea. The biggest concern is keeping him hydrated. He is feeling a bit better today though. – Ah, the joys of having a toddler!)


One Response to “Scary Scary Neil”

  1. Erin October 22, 2008 at 21:44 #

    Oh my word. That is hilarious!!! I mean…not so much at 3 in the morning. Poor Neil, poor Kaeden…and poor Mommy!!! I’m glad he’s feeling a little better. I’ll be calling you the first time we rush to the hospital.


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