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Scary Scary Neil

22 Oct

Ok, so you wouldn’t normally think of Neil as a scary guy. He’s clean shaven and well dressed…but I suppose so are most serial killers.

Well, here is what happened last night. Poor Kaeden has been really sick the last couple days, with the icky stuff. It’s hard to see your 2 year old dry heaving all night! So, the SECOND night of it, we decided to take him down to Children’s hospital to see if there was anything they could do. BUT, had to stop for gas first. We recently bought an old Toyota Corrolla to save on gas, it’s a great car, but I think it needs either a new battery or¬†a new alternator, Because…when we were pumping the gas (with the lights on) the battery DIED! So, at 3am, we were sitting at the gas station with no power. There was a car there when we pulled up, but now, both the street and the gas station were dead. (this was not a station with an attendant working) Finally, after waiting for about a half hour (and changing one really bad diaper in the car when it was 35 degrees) we decided to call my dad and wake him up. He normally wakes up about 4 so 345 wasn’t so bad to get up. But, of course, as fate would have it, someone showed up right after we called. (Here’s the good part) Neil went over and asked him if he could spare a minute and give us a jump. The guy said sure and got in his car…and drove away. So, this man, probably in his mid 30’s, was so scared of Neil with his sick 2 year old that he got in his car and bailed at the thought of having to jump start the car! Now, you wouldn’t think of Neil as a scary guy, but they do say that most killers look just like the average Joe…or Neil ūüôā


(ps. Kaeden is fine. My dad showed up, got the car started and we made it to Children’s. The doctor there gave him some anti nasuea medication and we were able to get him to hold down some gatoraide. He has a really common virus that causes severe vomiting & diarea. The¬†biggest¬†concern is keeping him hydrated. He is feeling a bit better today though.¬†– Ah, the joys of¬†having a toddler!)


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

21 Oct

Millions each year are diagnosed with breast cancer. Every day, women (and men) have to break the news to their spouses, children and families that they have been diagnosed with cancer. The word alone makes you shutter…Cancer…

Being breast cancer awareness month, this issue is brought a little closer to our every day lives through media and fund raisers. But for some, it is an every day reality.

On August 30, my cousin turned 40. After having her first mammogram, an ultrasound and a biopsy, her doctor told her she has breast cancer. My cousin is a strong woman, the cancer was caught early and she is very optimistic. Please pray for her, her husband and her 2 year old son.

And Please, if you are 40 or older, Please go get a mammogram, it could save your life!


19 Oct

Today we went to Craven Farms to gather pumpkins with Neil’s siblings and Kaeden’s “cousins”, we had a blast! The morning was foggy, adding to the ‘autumness’ of the outing. The bigger kids did some pumpkin flinging and Kaeden ran around enjoying all the sights of the farm. Then we spend a good amount of time searching for the perfect pumpkins.

 Here are some of our pictures:







After we all found our pumpkins (6 in all) we took Kaeden in to get his face painted. He was VERY impaitent in line, but sat like a statue when the nice woman was painting his monter face.



As soon as we left, our little monster crashed!

Later, while watching the Seahawks game, we cleaned and carved our pumpkins…ok, I will be completely honest and admit that I did not carve a single one!



That was our wonderful day, it was really fun to spend time with our family in search for the Great Pumpkin!

Roller Coaster

3 Oct

Today was Kaeden’s surgery to remove the cyst on the back of his head. I really want to thank everyone who was praying for Kaeden (and his parents) today, we could feel your love and really felt God with us today! Especially about 60 minutes into the estimated 30 minute procedure, when we were paged back to our room by the surgery staff (although we were already there). The Surgeon came in to tell us that they found a “root” about a millimeter thick that went into the¬†bone and¬†said they had called in a Neurosurgeon to take a look. (side note: About a year ago he had an MRI to make sure that the cyst didn’t go through the bone to his brain. Which, of course, showed it didn’t) So, the surgeon tells us that we may have to stay the night so that they can watch him after they remove a piece of his skull and remove the “root” from his brain … It would be at least another hour. (remember, this was supposed to take 30 minutes – we had been there since 8:25 and it was 1pm)

Right about now, I should have been freaking out, I knew I should have been. But I felt this overwhelming sense of calmness. I knew that God was with us and he was watching over Kaeden, nothing would go wrong.

Neil decided he would go home and get some things, but first, since my phone was dead, I needed to use his phone to call my parents to fill them in. Right after I got off the phone with my dad (it had been maybe 20 minutes since we talked to the doctor) our pager went off again. Ok, I will admit that this time, a little bit of panic set in. Why would they be paging us again so soon?

The surgeon’s (the general surgeon and the neurosurgeon) came in about 15 minutes later to let us know that Kaeden was done and in recovery! They didn’t have to go into his brain after all! <sigh> But, they did have to drill a hole in his skull to get the whole “root” out. However, it seems that removing a piece of his skull isn’t really a big deal, they sewed him up and we got to go home! Woah! What a Roller Coaster Day today was!


ps. I have some pictures I will probably post, just not tonight, I am exausted!