Don’t Butt Out!

5 Sep

There is the belief that people long for what they don’t have. This applies to many things from hair to body types to kids and families. When I was in Colorado, away from my family, I spent so much time wishing that I were with my friends and family that I forgot to enjoy the time I had there. Once I moved home, although I was thankful to be home and with my friends an family…there were times I wished they weren’t there. Be honest, there are times that you wish that people would butt out and just go away…but in a good way šŸ™‚

I was browsing a wonderful friends blog tonight and came across a posting from March when she was being visited by her mom. Her parents and in-laws live in CA and she lives here in WA. Although it hasn’t come upon me lately that I wish people would just let me be, it really made me think about the times when people had a SLEW of advice that I didn’t want! (mostly when I was pregnant or Kaeden was first born-seems like EVERYONE knows how to do it better during pregnancy and the first year!)

For those of us who have our family around (maybe too much at times) and get frusterated with them spending too much time in our “personal space”or our business, we too easily forget what it is like when they aren’t there. I love watching Kaeden with our families and I love having my parents around. But I do take it for granted and forget that not everyone is as lucky as I am. So, for those of you who are missing your family right now, I am sorry that I take my time with family granted. For my family, that I adore, please, never butt out and go away!

(PS. Erin, thank you for your blog!)


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