22 Aug

On a normal day, laundry is a dreary task-to completely clear the laundry room is a very time consuming chore. I dread laundry, but not because it is hard…it is simple to put laundry into the washer, even putting it into the dryer…no biggie. It’s what comes next, the folding and putting away. I really can never find a good time to put away laundry, or a way to make it fun. This morning, afer not being able to find any of my clothes, I finally dumped the 6 loads (at least) of laundry stashed all over my house, onto my bed. This is my trick to force myself to put it away. So, tonight, I added a load or two, before I finally convinced Neil to help me. Although, admitingly, it didn’t even take us 30 minutes…it still was an icky chore. Who knows, maybe I am laundry-phobic?

Laundry On My Bed

I may be laundry-phobic but I am not the only one…check out this blog…I knew I was not alone! And, she is even in the same state as me! If someone were to bring a service like that to Everett, I might jump on board too!


One Response to “Laundry-Phobic”

  1. Janice Epperson August 28, 2008 at 21:44 #

    When Rhiannon was young, like Kaeden, I also had a problem with laundry, but I trained myself to fold or hang clothes as I took them out of the dryer and I ended up with clothes that didn’t need ironing (something I totally hate). I can’t put another load in until my clothes are folded, but it is something you have to train yourself to do. If I do have some clothes that have stubborn wrinkles I put them in for another 15 minute warm up with a damp hand towel (wrinkles come right out).

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