Blogging…who knew?

21 Aug

The last couple weeks I have been blog surfing…if you want to call it that. I find it FASCINATING to go through blog after blog and just read about people and places. I never knew that so many people blog. Well, I guess I did, but never thought about it 🙂 I have been sucked in. I go from one blog to another via their special links and could probably read all night. I have to give my computer a rest. Ahhhhhhhh, love this new world I have stumbled into!


One Response to “Blogging…who knew?”

  1. Erin August 28, 2008 at 21:44 #

    Oh, I think you are going to be an amazing blogger. I’m glad to have another blogging friend. Reading blogs can become quite a habit though…especially when you’re supposed to be doing homework…or the laundry 😉

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