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Monster Trike!

28 Aug
One of the wonderful things that Kaeden got for his birthday was a trike…not just any trike. It is the biggest, burliest trike you have ever seen! It will not only provide hours of fun for a toddler, but up to 600 pounds!!! That is endless entertainment adults too! His grandpa hid it around the corner when he brought it to the party, but it didn’t take Kaeden long to find it!

Kaeden’s Camera

24 Aug

Kaeden’s buddy Killian gave him his very own digital camera for his birthday. It is SUPER COOL and actually takes pictures! I didn’t get my first digital camera until I was 25! Check out the pictures Kaeden took today on the way to Grandma’s house!

Kaeden By Kaeden



(These didn’t come in too well, if you can’t see them just click on the picture.)

Birthday Party!

23 Aug

We decided to have Kaeden’s birthday party 11 days before his actual birthday. Of course, my camera was set down and we got about 3 pictures…I have a request out to people to send me pictures, so I will post them when I get them! However, check out the cake!


Monkey Cake!

Monkey Cake!


22 Aug

On a normal day, laundry is a dreary task-to completely clear the laundry room is a very time consuming chore. I dread laundry, but not because it is hard…it is simple to put laundry into the washer, even putting it into the dryer…no biggie. It’s what comes next, the folding and putting away. I really can never find a good time to put away laundry, or a way to make it fun. This morning, afer not being able to find any of my clothes, I finally dumped the 6 loads (at least) of laundry stashed all over my house, onto my bed. This is my trick to force myself to put it away. So, tonight, I added a load or two, before I finally convinced Neil to help me. Although, admitingly, it didn’t even take us 30 minutes…it still was an icky chore. Who knows, maybe I am laundry-phobic?

Laundry On My Bed

I may be laundry-phobic but I am not the only one…check out this blog…I knew I was not alone! And, she is even in the same state as me! If someone were to bring a service like that to Everett, I might jump on board too!

Blogging…who knew?

21 Aug

The last couple weeks I have been blog surfing…if you want to call it that. I find it FASCINATING to go through blog after blog and just read about people and places. I never knew that so many people blog. Well, I guess I did, but never thought about it 🙂 I have been sucked in. I go from one blog to another via their special links and could probably read all night. I have to give my computer a rest. Ahhhhhhhh, love this new world I have stumbled into!

Yes, “awesomeness” is a word

20 Aug

 I know some amazing people. You know, the kind of people that you want to be around because you feel better just because they are in the room? Being around them makes me feel like maybe some of the awesomeness that radiates around them will rub off on me. 

Each day I strive to be the best person that I can be. Although I feel like I always fall short, in some aspect. I try not to be disappointed at the end of the day, or dwell on the things that I wish I did or didn’t do. I try not to feel guilty that I have to work and can’t spend as much time as I want to with Kaeden. And try not to regret words I might say with out thinking about them first. I know that everyone has that feeling sometime, the one where you wish that you could go back and change somethingabout your day. Ok, you aren’t supposed to compare yourself to others, but I really know amazing people. Sometimes I wonder if they have “one of those days”.

One amazing couple stands out for me today. When I look at these particular friends, I can only be amazed. They are a fantastic couple that absolutely radiate love, it will almost bring a tear to your eye to see them gaze lovingly at each other across the room at each other. They are also AMAZING parents and honestly the sweetest most welcoming people. I admire them for the way that they treat each other and every person that they cross paths with. But, I wont name names, because I know that they would be embarrassed, that is just part of their awesomeness!

I am so thankful for my family and friends. I feel blessed every day for the people that I find my self surrounded by.

Not really related to my ramblings, but a cute picture

Not really related to my ramblings, but a cute picture

Ok, so I was surfing the web earlier (gotta love google) to try to find PROOF that awesomeness isa word. If it’s on GOOGLE, it’s real…right? Some of it is interesting, some of it, well, isn’t. Here is some of what I found:


19 Aug

I spent a little time tonight looking at blogs and reading about people that I know, and people that I don’t know. I am reminded how different each person is. I probably looked at 10 blogs, each had a different design, each had a different message. I am excited to find that path that my blog wants to take. There are so many things to write about, but I am sure that it will mostly be stories of Kaeden. 🙂